Darvazeh Dowlat Metro Station

  • Client: Tehran Metro Company
  • Tehran, 1993
  • Contract Period: 19 months

This station comprising of 5 floors under the ground up to 36 meters in depth was constructed at one of the most dense traffic areas in central Tehran. The site of this station was located at the intersection of line 4 and line 6 of Tehran metro and the underpass adjacent to metro line 2. Hence the construction of such project was a challenging task that was successfully addressed through cooperation by the client’s experts and the contractors. It is worth mentioning despite the existing difficulties all the technical and security measures were employed and the project was finished within the required time frame.

Moreover, in order to increase the speed, the project was constructed through open-cut system, using 150 reinforced concrete complex pillars and horizontal bracing at three different levels for the sake of maintaining the walls’ stability.